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Looking for answers regarding your Hard Rock Games account? Browse our frequently asked questions or get in touch with our customer service team today. We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hard Rock Games products free to play?

Yes! All Hard Rock Games products are free to play, with free virtual goods provided regularly to allow continued play. Any purchase of virtual goods is completely optional and not required to play or enjoy any of the products.

Do I receive Unity Points and Tier Credits for playing Hard Rock Games?

You must have your Unity account Linked in order to receive any Unity Points or Tier Credits. Every 60 days, you’ll need to re-authenticate your connection from each game by going through the one-time passcode process in-game. Each game is different in the way a player can earn Unity Points and Tier Credits though all games offer both on select purchases made in the game.

How do I check to make sure my Unity card/account is linked in the game?

In Hard Rock Jackpot Casino & Seminole Social Casino, click on the “Rewards” icon in the main lobby. While in the Rewards Center, click on My Profile in the top right corner. In all games, click on the Unity icon or Unity cards. If you are linked, it will display your Unity rewards. If not, it will ask to link your account.

How do I Link my Unity by Hard Rock account with Hard Rock Games products?

Simply open any supporting Hard Rock Games product on your mobile device or computer (where available) and enter your Unity number or Unity email address plus DOB. You will receive a one-time passcode email delivered to your Unity account email address, which you will need to input in the Hard Rock Games product to complete linking verification. Check out this video on how to link in Hard Rock Jackpot Casino.

How do I get Tier Credits playing games?

Members will earn 1 Tier Credit per eligible $1 spent on virtual goods in any connected Hard Rock Games product. There are also select in-game achievements which can earn a connected Unity account Tier Credits. These achievements vary by game.

How do I get Unity Points while playing games?

Currently, Unity Points can be obtained by making select eligible purchases within each game, or through the Rewards Center inside various games. We are actively working on other ways for players to earn Unity Points and Tier Credits through gameplay and will continue to look for new ways for players to earn.

How do I participate in Hard Rock Games giveaways?

Most Hard Rock Games giveaways are available to eligible players in the United States and Canada, with select exceptions per giveaway. Visit for all information on previous, current, and upcoming giveaways.

How long does it take to see my earned Tier Credits and Unity Points reflected online in my Unity account?

While in many cases, the earned Tier Credits and Unity Points appear in a player’s Unity account almost instantly, we request that players wait up to 24 hours to see their balance correctly updated.

The Hard Rock Games product is giving me a one-time passcode (OTP) error message when I try to link my Unity by Hard Rock account; how do I fix this?

  1. Try signing out via settings menu and signing back in.
  2. Double check your Unity account number and DOB are correct.
  3. Check another email address you may have used when signing up for Unity.

If this doesn’t work, you can visit our Help page and contact us for additional support.

Why can’t I access one of the Hard Rock Games products where I’m currently located?

While Hard Rock Games are available in over 100 countries around the world, there are select countries, states, and territories where Hard Rock Games products are currently unavailable. We’re constantly working to create broader availability so check back often!

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